Transition week

We dubbed this past week transition week as Eve began term 2 of year 9 at Lourdes Hill College and Sophie began orientation at University of Queensland.  Lawson and I were turned a little upside down as the… Read More

Facing fears one at a time – The Story Bridge Climb

For as long as I can remember, I have had a bit of a fear of heights. The first time I remember facing this particular fear head on was on a team building experience at a ropes course… Read More

100 Acres of Wildlife Reserve

Eve and I’s first trip to the Australia Zoo – Home of the Crocodile Hunter Hey guys! Today’s post is a collaborative effort written by Eve and myself about our trip to the Australia Zoo. This zoo is… Read More

4th of July edition

Happy Fourth of July to all our friends in the USA!  Hope you have had a fun, relaxing day celebrating!  Since the 4th of July arrived here while it was still July 3rd in the States, it was… Read More