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Eve and I’s first trip to the Australia Zoo – Home of the Crocodile Hunter

Hey guys! Today’s post is a collaborative effort written by Eve and myself about our trip to the Australia Zoo. This zoo is owned by the Irwin family, and is home to over a thousand animals. It was always Steve and Terri’s dream to create the best wildlife conservation reserve where they could truly put the animal’s needs first, and they have been extremely successful. This was unlike any zoo adventure we have ever experienced. At the Australia Zoo, the majority of the animals are free to roam, and we are able to enter into their space while zoo keepers look out for the animals, making sure humans always observe and act with appropriate behaviors.

The first animals we saw were big,  cuddly, fluffy, wombats. They were so adorable, we just wanted to reach in and pick it up and take it home. After that we went into the venomous snake house. Here we learned that Queensland is home to the most venomous and scary snakes that exist on the planet. Here is a picture of Sophie kissing a boa constrictor.IMG_6546
Did you know that tigers like to swim? We got to meet and watch this amazing tiger named Hunter. Unfortunately Hunter’s eyes did not develop correctly and he is now almost completely blind. However, Hunter has developed an extraordinary sense of smell and has learned to be a star of his own show. He may not be able to see but he is a very playful and active tiger. We got to watch him swim and play with his favorite toy.
We also attended the famous crocodile show, where they educate us on how to avoid crocodiles and how they behave. Since many of Australia’s schools are on winter holiday, Terri and Robert Irwin were there to put on a show! Here are a few pictures.




We had a really fun day checking out the Australia Zoo. We now have yearly passes so we can go whenever we want.  Come visit us and we will take you with us!  Our friend Rhonda met us at the zoo and hung out with us all day. We can’t wait to go back. Next time we visit the Australia Zoo we will get to do a few animal encounters. We want to walk with a tiger and pet some wombats. We can say for sure that the zoo is one of our favorite places in Queensland Australia!


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