Transition week

We dubbed this past week transition week as Eve began term 2 of year 9 at Lourdes Hill College and Sophie began orientation at University of Queensland.  Lawson and I were turned a little upside down as the reality of both our children being in school again in Australia kicked in.  We have spent so much time together this year it felt very strange to not have them around.  One of our highest priorities as parents has always been time together with our children.  We certainly might have more material possessions if we chose another route, but time is the one thing we have in limited supply.  So, Lawson and I were a little lost this past week.  We recognize how ridiculously lucky we are to have had so much time with our girls and we never take for granted how fortunate we are to all enjoy being with one another!

In addition, we received an offer on my parents home during this transition week.  There were days of going back and forth and back and forth but we finally reached an agreement and I signed the contract tonight.  There are certainly no guarantees with what the coming weeks hold but we are assuming things will progress so that in a few weeks time my childhood home will belong to someone else.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  I suppose just as with the grief that accompanied the loss of my parents, the impending loss of the place that has always been home speaks volumes about the love that encompassed my childhood!  When I was in graduate school studying Family Relations, I remember vividly during one of the classes thinking how much more helpful it would be in counseling others if I could see into their home.  This thinking is how I found Feng Shui and later trained in it.  Home, the place we call home, is mythical in our lives.  It shapes us into the people we become.  It is more than bricks and mortar and plants and grass, it is emotions and struggle and how we learn to cope with life and how we learn to love.  My childhood home is a modest home on the less sought after side of town these days but that really doesn’t matter.  This home that I am letting go of is full of love and beauty!  My parents invested in creating beauty and that beauty shaped who I am!  And to have been loved well….how do you put a price tag on that?
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It was my idea to put everything in storage and just bring ourselves and our clothes with us on this adventure to Australia. I thought it would simplify our life if we just had a small amount to think about with such a big transition.   This was probably true but it has left me feeling even more untethered as I face this transition.  As with the place we live, the things we surround ourselves with also have such a strong impact on our lives.  I miss our beautiful collection of things that made our life our life!  As with our homes, our collections tell the story of our life in some way!  I also thought I would get to go home and say goodbye one more time before my home sold.  I know, it sounds a bit dramatic for a house but it’s really not.  My roots go deep with this home and it feels like death all over again.  Never underestimate how strong the connection to home, to place is!
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I know I carry this beauty in my heart.  I feel my parents with me and know they would love the beauty of Brisbane as much as we do.  My parents created beauty and taught me to do the same.  Here’s to focusing on what lies ahead and creating beauty wherever we are!
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6 Comments on “Transition week

  1. You have written an insightful post that has touched my heart. It has given me a lot to think about as I unpack our collection of items having just moved to our retirement home. Thank you!

    • Thanks so very much Kathy! What an exciting time for you! I hope your new home will bring you much joy and many blessings!

  2. Oh,Susan,this brought tears to my eyes! Lawson is not the only talented writer in your family! I,too, loved your home on Brookhill Rd” my dearest friends lived there!! But— you are building a lifetime of wonderful memories now,too!! Love you!

    • Oh, thank you Miss Tommie Ann! Memories of you all are intertwined with Brookhill! Kathy, Beth and I were lucky girls to have such amazing parents! Love you too and hope you can come visit Australia while we are here!

  3. This post was so thoughtful. I, too, am teary! D & J would be so pleased.

    • Thanks so much Camille! Looks like it’s going to fall through again…completely unreasonable demands…such a rollercoaster ride! Hope all is well! Pop me an email when you have time! Love and hugs

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