Nonnie’s ring, chaos and going out on a limb

For the past week, I have been frantically looking for my mom’s wedding ring.  As we are readying my parents home for the estate sale, we are also packing up our home for long term storage and readying it for being in rental management.  The amount of chaos is staggering and my normally organized life has been thrown into upheaval.  Somehow in the packing up of some of the furniture in our bedroom, I misplaced Nonnie’s ring.  I had set it aside to have it reset in a different setting and that’s all I’ve been able to remember until today!  I am usually the one in the family that everyone asks “where is the….” and I usually can put my fingers on things so this has had me totally undone.  It wasn’t the value of the diamond but the fact that it was my mom’s!  The jeweler said “you know this is quite a flawed diamond?”  to which I replied “yes, but it is incredibly remarkable that my dad was even able to purchase this for my mom at the time!”  My parents lived with my paternal grandparents for several of their first years of marriage so a diamond of any kind is extraordinary to me and then there is the fact that this ring rested on my mom’s finger for 63 1/2 years of marriage (this counting the three years after my dad passed away)!  Of all her possessions, this is one of the most valuable to me because it represents a love that has inspired us both!  It is precisely because of my parents imperfections and the partnership they were able to forge in spite of them that I value this symbol so much!  This morning after poking through the boxes and rubbermaid’s that are currently holding many of our things, there it was!  How had I missed it?  Well, that’s easy… the stress and chaos are kinda getting to me.  I have second guessed so many times this adventure mainly because it is so far outside my comfort zone!  Actually, almost all the really wonderful things in my life have put me far outside my comfort zone….

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…..way out on a limb!  While I am having trouble seeing the fruit at the moment, I do know it is there just like Mark Twin said!

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3 Comments on “Nonnie’s ring, chaos and going out on a limb

  1. Wow! I can imagine the thoughts that were going through your head as you searched for your mom’s beautiful ring. So happy you found it… take care.

  2. So happy you found this beautiful memento Susan and great quote. Keep on keeping on. One day at a time. I can only imagine the chaos of packing. I will soon be unpacking my things as soon as I find a place to call my own here on the Sunny Coast.

    • Thanks so very much Rhonda!! So happy you will be finding a place there! We can’t wait to see you there and celebrate your birthday a bit late!

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