Somewhere over the rainbow

Today, Eve began a new adventure…school Aussie style!  When we first started talking about having this family adventure, one concern was school for the girls.  Last year, when Lawson and I made our recon visit to check things out, we visited colleges and university for both the girls.  In the past, we have tried to find just the right school for the girls.  We have tried a variety of educational styles and with each there have been positives and negatives.  We decided with this adventure to just allow things to unfold rather than trying to find just the right fit.  One of the schools we visited last year for Eve was Lourdes Hill College.  It is an all girls Catholic school.  While we are not Catholic, we felt warmly received.  The school draws on the practices of Benedictine spirituality and the story of the Good Samaritan which should be a really good fit for our Eve.  Eve is a deeply spiritual soul who loves service!  This will be an adventure for our sweet girl!  We really appreciated the sign hanging on one of the walls at Lourdes Hill that is pictured below – Always Keep (your mind) Open!  Open heart, Open mind!  Here are a few pics from day one!
FullSizeRender (63)

Since uniforms are a required part of school for every student in Australia (unless you attend a Waldorf school), it was really not too big of a deal for Eve.  Today, she looked like every other 15 year old girl here!  Our tibetan terrier Felix was not quite sure what to make of Eve at first.  First he barked, then he wanted to make sure this was really his big sis!
This is a photo of Eve’s new school from the side of the river we currently live on.

As we were walking down to meet Eve at the ferry stop this afternoon, this wonderful rainbow appeared on the south side of the Brisbane River right near Eve’s school!  We decided this was a good sign for her first day!  Sure enough, Eve walked off the City Cat smiling!  This whole adventure is about learning and stretching and growing.  We are so impressed with our girls willingness to embrace this opportunity to not only learn about another culture but to learn about themselves as they open their mind to new and interesting ways of seeing the world!  No matter where we live, we are all connected….Somewhere over the Rainbow…..


12 Comments on “Somewhere over the rainbow

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your sharing of adventures thru this blog. I do not know how to communicate other than here!
    Hugs and more hugs for Eve.

    • Thanks for following Nancy! Just message us anytime on fb or insta as well and also we can send you new phone numbers…we can text for free internationally:) Eve sends hugs back at you!

  2. Rainbows always bring smiles. I pray that Eve’s school adventure will be meaningful. Our prayers for you all.
    Love, Linda

    • Thanks so much Linda! We are learning so much! Much love back to you!

  3. Open Heart, Open Mind….you live that every day of your life, and just look at the wonderful experiences opening up for all of you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, Susan!

    • Oh thank you so very, very much Beth! Means so much coming from you! Hope your travels bring you to us! love and hugs!

  4. So glad to hear Eve came home smiling today ! Pretty sure that she is as friendly and caring in person as she comes across on IG and so she will adapt easily ! What a fabulous experience , not without its challenges I’m sure , but with a close knit unit as you are you will weather any thing !!
    ‘First days’ are challenging no matter your age / situation and I’m sure you were thrilled to see the smile on Eves face as she came home !! Loving the blog , hope you are all well !

    • Oh thanks so much Trish! She is a sweet soul for sure and hopefully will make friends easily! Thanks so much for your kind words and support and keep the photos coming from your holiday! So beautiful!!!! It is rainy here so loving the sunny pics:)

  5. So pleased her day went well. Not sure what a ‘Waldorf school is? Beautiful rainbow to herald the day. You are all embracing your new life so well. I feel so near to you all but so far.

    • It is a wonderful form of education…a bit out of the box. We always thought we would put Eve in a Waldorf school if we had the opportunity but the school here is in Samford Valley which we thought was lovely but a bit of a drive from the city so we decided to see how this experience was for her. We are embracing but definitely bumbling along…hills and valleys every day with emotions all over the board! Us too!!! We have your room waiting for a visit! Will message you today for a check in! love and hugs from all of us!

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