An angel at the bus stop

On Wednesday, we went into the CBD with our oldest daughter Sophie.  We rode the 199 bus from New Farm to Adelaide St. as we often do.  On this occasion, there was an older man at our stop needing help with directions.  Having been here only 3 months, we tried to assist him as much as we could but it was a bit of the blind leading the blind.  He reminded us all so much of my sweet daddy.  This sounds kinda strange but he had arms that looked just like my dad’s.  I had to work at restraining myself from reaching out and touching him which if you know me well is not something I would just do with a stranger.  It was just that strong of a resemblance and I miss my dad so much!  Anyway, the whole ride into the CBD we were on our phones trying to help him with where to get off to catch a connecting bus.  We got off at our stop and almost immediately Lawson realized that he had left his ipad mini on the bus.  We had been so focused on helping the man we were a bit flustered ourselves.  Lawson immediately put it in lost mode and Sophie jumped on the phone with the Brisbane City Council and found out what the procedure was for lost property. The amazing thing was that it was logged into the lost and found by Thursday afternoon and we were able to retrieve it this morning!  We don’t know if the bus driver found it at the end of his shift or if someone turned it in to the bus driver but either way someone was kind and turned it in!  There is so much reported about all the bad things going on in our world I sometimes get disheartened!  This was just a reminder that there is always more good in the world than we hear about!  And, I have to say, there is a whole lot of it here in Australia!  Or, at least, that has been our experience thus far.  There is a certain civility that exists here that I think we have lost in the US.  When we ride the bus or ferry, almost everyone thanks the drivers as they exit.  The pace reminds me of my childhood. People have time here to interact with one another!  People sincerely want to know a little bit about you.  It is lovely and helpful when your support group lives halfway around the world!
This wonderful plaque rests at St George Square at one of the bus stops.  It makes me happy every time I see it!  I believe in guardian angels.  I also believe my parents and so many of those I have loved that have passed away look over us in some way!  And then there are just ordinary people doing the right thing like turning in lost property who feel like angels through their kind gestures!  Angels sometimes ride on the bus!
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  1. Beautiful post !!!
    Sometimes people must think I’m crazy… I use to say HELLO to everyone at the street and talk to them… supermarket, school, EVERYWHERE!!! I think it is important to take the time to be nice. To help each other. To listen. To love. To share. I think if we could share a nice word, a nice gesture to each single person we meet every day this world would be so much different –

    • Thank you so much Nelly! I completely agree as well! I am a little shy, not quite as extroverted but each of us in our individual way can sprinkle kindness and love wherever we go! I know you have added so much to our life through instagram! We are so glad to know you!!! You definitely make the world a more sunshiny place!!

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