Our girl and joy

Today we experimented with trying to get a photo that would serve as a temporary header for our blog in its very early days.  Our youngest daughter Eve kinda exudes joy (well, except when she doesn’t but that’s a different matter) and since joy is in our blog’s name we thought she would make a great model! What do you think?


As you can see, from an early age, our
girl has been excellent at expressing
her love of life. You would never know
looking at this photo just how sick this
sweet baby girl was just a few months
before this photo. She is beautiful
evidence of the power of love and prayer!

fullsizerender-4The painting to the right is one of our treasured pieces of art by Georgia artist Sherry Cook.  It perfectly expresses what we imagine unencumbered joy looking like – arms raised to the heavens, heart wide open to life’s possibilities, true freedom!  For us, just thinking in terms of what unencumbered joy might look and feel like is the beginning of the journey! Onward we go toward unencumbered joy!!



6 Comments on “Our girl and joy

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the photo was, “What a perfect representation of unencumbered joy.”

  2. Met your daughter, Sophie, today and she told me about your exciting adventure! ….and your blog! I’ll be keeping up – best of luck!

    • Hi Brenda! Oh how fun! Thank you so very much for following us!

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