In the thick of it!

I know blogs are best when the blogger actually posts but I have been uninspired to write about this part of the journey.  I can’t imagine a less glamorous part of the process than the one we are currently in.  Who would possibly want to read about this?!  At the beginning of January, we began the arduous task of padding then shrink wrapping then moving furniture to long term storage.  Ugh!  I am proud to say that Lawson and are doing it all ourselves (we are developing some mad shrink wrap skills) except for moving the really big pieces that took professionals to lift. This came after staging each room of my parents home and taking photos for a future sales flyer.  Since our future is unknown, the question has been, should we decide to stay for a significant amount of time in Brisbane, what would we want to send on a freighter to Australia at some future date?  What is worth putting in long term storage?


This process is stirring up so many emotions and questions including are we simply nuts (don’t answer that) and why is it so hard to think about being apart from our stuff?  All adventures require us to stretch outside our comfort zone and this one is certainly stretching me personally.  It is hard to see clearly when we are in the thick of it!


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  1. Wow, how exciting. I’m looking forward to keeping up with you all on your journey!

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