Adventures and our health

Adventure, change is stressful…even when it is all your own creation!  For 16 years, we have been integrating Ayurveda (Indian medicine) into our life.  It has been our primary healthcare and has allowed us to steer clear of pharmaceutical medications.  4 years ago, we began our yearly trips for panchakarma (deep cleanse).  It has become something our bodies crave and this year especially.  We arrived fairly depleted but one day in we are already feeling the nourishing effects.   We feel our health is one of our most precious gifts.  When it comes to having the stamina to make massive life changes/life adventures, we must take good care of ourselves  Initially, I felt as though we were being indulgent taking time away from work, from all we have ahead of us in the coming months but now that we are here I am reminded anew how important this is.  Whether you too are in the midst of a big life transition or not, remember to take good care of yourself!  .FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-3


4 Comments on “Adventures and our health

  1. Great advice Lawson. And yes you are both obviously in need of this. I will take the time to check out more about it on Google. Missing you all. Rhonda.

    • I would highly recommend it Rhonda! So many simple things that can easily be integrated into your life! 4 years ago they told me I had a heart murmur but this time it was no longer detectable! It is slow and steady movement toward health but I will take over medication any day!

  2. Having taken my “good” health for granted, I now know the importance of taking into account even the smallest details of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for reminding all of us to be mindful.

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