The tickets have been purchased

The tickets have been purchased and we have a set travel schedule!  Yippee and OMG!  The dogs and kitty are set to board their flight as cargo headed for Melbourne on May 20 and we leave on May 22 headed for Brisbane.  The animals will be in quarantine for 10 days and then we will fly down to pick them up and be reunited as a family in a new city and new country!  We are so excited for this adventure!

After a week and a half in New Mexico attending to our health, we returned home to refocus on the task of getting ready for this adventure.  With the tickets now purchased we have a set timeline.  While there is a very good chance one of us will need to return to Florida to take care of lingering details, the pressure is now on to get as much done as humanly possible before May.  As we are packing up things for long term storage that might possibly someday meet us in Oz, we are attempting to do it in a way that will simplify things on the other side of this process.  One of those things was spraying our furniture with a product called Microseal.  We have used it in our home in Florida and it is incredible!  Today Stephen came out to seal a few more pieces for us.  In addition to protecting the things we love, we also are spraying the things that will remain in our Florida home as we plan to put it on the vacation rental market.  As I have some trepidation about entering our home in rental management, small things like extending the life of our furniture that will be staying helps just a bit!  In addition, we talked with Stephen about representing this product in Australia!  All in all, a productive week!


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  1. Woo hoo. So exciting. So very happy for you.
    I have some news to share with you but it will have to wait until Imget back from Norway.
    Has Lawson thought of sending pets by plane as cargo from Melbourne to Brisbane?
    Lots of love to all

  2. Thanks so much Rhonda! Your support has been invaluable! Can’t wait to hear your news! Yes, that’s what we plan to do. It’s only $70 per pet from Melbourne to Brisbane! Love to you!

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