Papa’s tractor

Today was a big day!  Today we moved Papa’s tractor into long term storage.  It was a bit startling to see her leave Papa’s garage without him.  I am not a farmer.  My father, however, was!  From an early age, I remember my dad driving the tractor home with freshly harvested peanuts trailing behind him.  One of the sweetest smells in the world, at least to a peanut farmer’s kid, is that of freshly harvested peanuts.  My dad would eat them raw.  I have always preferred them boiled or roasted.  When I look at this tractor, I see my dad!  When I look at this tractor, I am flooded with happy memories!  I really miss my sweet dad!  I have always said I was keeping his tractor but recently I have struggled a bit with whether I am being overly sentimental.  I can hear my dad saying “Susan, this is not very practical”.  Because we are also keeping Lawson’s small boat, I have decided for the moment to keep her.  Our daughter Sophie talks about someday having some highland cows so I am hoping maybe Papa’s tractor may have a home with those cows.  Only time will tell but for now Papa’s tractor is a keeper!

IMG_0787          IMG_0785



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  1. Heartfelt decision. It is the right one for you now, that’s all that matters. Love and miss you guys. Hope everything is going well. xx

    • Thank you so much Rhonda! It was an emotional week! We are taking a few days break and then will be back at the sorting and packing up mid week! We hope you are having a wonderful trip! Love and miss you as well!

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