Birthday love

Today, one of our favorite people in the world celebrates her birthday!  Today, is Ms. Sylvia’s birthday!  Sylvia came into our life as a teacher at our girls school when we first moved here.  She was an important mentor in guiding our Sophie through her high school years and has been lovingly teaching Eve this ninth grade year!  She was already a dear friend before she moved into the carriage house behind our home eight months ago.  Now she is family!  We are already beginning to grieve the fact that she won’t be moving with us to Australia.  If we could pack her in a bag, we would!  We have requested being put in the queue behind her own children and grandchildren for visits!

Life is funny.  It dips and turns in unexpected directions.  When we moved here we thought it was for a school (and to restore the home we purchased).  Sometimes, we make choices and changes that we think are for one thing and other things, better things emerge.  While home schooling is not really our favorite method of schooling long term, I think we will all look back on this year of one on one attention with Ms, Sylvia as a remarkable turning point for Eve.  We keep telling Eve all this one on one teaching is like being a celebrity’s kid!  It’s like she has cool rock and roll parents who are on the road touring – except it’s not she reminds us!  Ha!  To have this much time getting to know another human being, is a remarkable gift very few people are afforded.  Over these past months, we have logged many an hour of conversation.  Sylvia has not only taught our girls, she has taught us!  Pass the box of kleenex please!

These photos are from our birthday breakfast celebration this morning.  Susan’s still on strict bed rest so was not able to join us but we sent her lots of fun photos and brought a doggie bag home for her!  We treasure these moments together!  I’m not sure how we got quite so lucky to have this time with Sylvia but we do know how very fortunate we are!  Happy Birthday Sylvia!  We all love you so very much!  Now, start planning that first trip to Australia!FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender


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  1. Lovely photos and, yes a very special lady. Please give her my birthday wishes and love.

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