Things will work out…just not yet

A very quick post to update you on Susan.  This week has been a complete blur.  I have had Susan on strict bed rest to facilitate healing from the burns she sustained last weekend.  I have been changing and dressing her injuries several times a day.  While we know things will work out just as this card Ms. Sylvia (whose birthday we mentioned in the previous post) gave Susan says, she is still in a tremendous amount of pain and has lost a week of work which she finds incredibly frustrating.  Please keep praying and sending her healing energy!  Watching your beloved in pain is just the worst!

FullSizeRender 3

This beautiful rose was also a gift from Sylvia and reminds us how beauty heals!FullSizeRender 4

Thanks for your ongoing thoughts and prayers!  May your weekend be full of beauty!


6 Comments on “Things will work out…just not yet

  1. Ongoing thoughts and prayers to you all. Praying for the pain to lessen and good progress with healing for Susan. Sending much love.

    • Thank you Rhonda! The pain has lessened and I am healing swiftly! Sending much love back to you!

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