One of my dearest friends in the world passed away last year at a very young age.  My friend left many dreams unfulfilled.  We had so many things we were going to do together.  I have heard her whispering in my ear all these months “do it Susan…go for it…you won’t regret this adventure”.  During the toughest bits of this process, I have taken comfort in these whisperings.  We are in the thick of some of the most exhausting, disorienting weeks of our life.  There have been/are days where I just want to throw in the towel but then I will hear my friend’s whispers and put my head down and keep moving forward.  We are tired to the bone at the moment!  Exhaustion is not too strong of a word but being determined to die without regrets pushes me/us through!  I think my friend would give anything to go back and throw off some of the bowlines!  She will be sailing away from this safe harbor in my heart!
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This week has been a bizarre combination of getting ready for Australia and getting our Florida home ready for holiday rental.  I am a nester by nature.  Home is incredibly important to me.  To shift gears from this being our home to a business has been difficult for me.  We brought this home back to life and now we are leaving it for most of the year.  What?!  I know, I know.  People do this all the time.  It’s just not something I have ever aspired to do.  One of the most humorous parts of getting the house ready for rental management has been the addition of (excuse my language) big ass television’s in every room.  It is so very not us.  Friends have actually laughed when they walked in our home and saw these new additions.  We have had the same 32 inch television for a decade.  As a feng shui consultant, television’s in the bedroom makes me crazy but this is now a business and what vacationers want are televisions….big ones!  I confess to just not getting it when a few hundred yards away you have this….
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but I don’t have to get it…I just have to get this house ready!  In addition to the tv’s, we have also sold our girls beds to make room for bunk beds and a king size bed and have taken my yoga studio/office apart to create a teenage hang out.  We continue to pack away boxes which the girls then deliver to our storage units.  It is all very, very weird and has created an enormous amount of anxiety in me.  I return again and again to my dear friends whispers of “just keep going…you won’t be disappointed”.  After all, we are headed here…..FullSizeRender (26)



6 Comments on “Whispers!

  1. I guess we are doing the same with a motorhome. We never thought we’d get one. Now we are taking little adventures but we hope to do bigger ones. Best of luck on your adventure!

    • I think it is wonderful that you guys are doing this!! Sounds like such fun!

  2. Oh Susan, it does sound like such an adventure. So thankful that you healed enough to stay on schedule. I know ir was not easy.

    Praying all of you will be blessed as you embark on this adventure together.

    Love to all!

    • Oh Linda, I got your message!! Please forgive me not calling back yet!! I have been so overwhelmed and am not keeping up with anything very well! I will get you called back soon….it may be from AU but we have Ooma so it’s a free call! Thank you so much! We are excited and nervous. It may just be a 7 month adventure or we may stay for the full 4 year visa or longer… Either way we will be back home sometime in the coming months. I feel terribly out of touch with everyone as this has consumed all of our time and energy. Would love a good catch up! Much love to you!

  3. Let’s all go to the beach…. and watch TV. I don’t get it either. That’s the Last thing I want to do at the beach.
    As for your funder down under, full steam ahead! (sotto voca, of course).

    • Crazy, right! Thanks so much for your and Mindy’s support! We may be a little crazy!

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