I guess we are really doing this?!

I have been awake since 2 am….heart racing, butterflies in the tummy, cannot think straight….anxiety!  Today, Eve and I fly to Los Angeles to meet the rest of our unit before first boarding the animal babies Saturday night for their trip to Melbourne, AU and quarantine and then our flight to Brisbane next Monday.  How do I let Lawson talk me into these adventures?!  On Tuesday morning, Lawson, Sophie, Dalai, Dani, Felix and Karo Kitty pulled out of Seagrove Beach in our trusty old minivan to head west toward LA.  The decision to road trip rather than fly was based in part on giving our animals one less flight to deal with.  It seemed the least we could do to make things a wee bit easier on them.  They think their humans have lost their minds!  I think our animal babies may be way smarter than us!

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Here we go!!!!!!!




8 Comments on “I guess we are really doing this?!

    • Thank you so much! I think maybe an Aussie adventure should be in your future?!

  1. Very best of everything good on your brace adventures down under ! Looking forward to your continued blog ( which I am very much enjoying ! ) and seeing all of the photos on IG !
    Will be thinking if you on Sat evening especially as your beloved animals board and head off … I have to say if it was me making this move , that would be the most difficult part for me !! Lol !!! But they will have each other which will be such a comfort to them and as you say they are much smarter than us !!

    Very special wishes to Eve as she starts her new school …. I have enjoyed her company on IG and as she has commented on her posts of Felix and , Dalai and Karo Kitty !! You must be very proud of both your beautiful daughters as they embrace this adventure , which may sometimes seem twice as daunting when you’re a teenager and have to leave friends behind !!

    I hope it all turns out to be everything you hope and that you will return to US if that is what is meant to be for you . As I head into the caring phase myself with my parents , your situation has a certain poignancy for me and I shall watch this space and truly wish for you all the pleasure , memories and love you deserve from this new chapter in your lives !

    With love ,

    Trish and Clicker ( TV Brit !! )

    • Thank you so very much for your kind post Trish! We have loved getting to know your family a wee bit over insta! Maybe a vacay in Australia should be on your list?! We’d love to have you visit!
      Yes, Saturday was the absolute worst day but knowing they are safely in quarantine (and we have not received any calls of concern) now helps immensely. Now, it just feels like we are on a trip…albeit a very different kind of trip!
      As you know from your own beautiful daughters, the pride we feel as ours grow into young women who are going to make a positive contribution on this world we all share is second to none! Eve has loved following you and Clicker:)
      Bless you as you move into a caring period with your parents. I pray that it will be a period full of as much ease as this phase can be. Feel free to shoot me a message if you ever need to vent as it can be a lonely phase navigating doctors, special care conditions and all the rest. Take extra good care of yourself! Even if you just need that reminder, I will remind you of that!
      Thanks again for your very kind support!
      love and blessings from our family to yours (and a special hug to Clicker)

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