Furry babies and quarantine

Saturday night, May 20th we put our four fur babies Dalai, Dani, Felix and Karo Kitty on a Qantas flight to Melbourne, Australia from Los Angeles, California for them to go to quarantine.  We were in tears as we left them at LAX!
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The process has been almost a full time job for Lawson these past few months.  Australia has a very strict policy on pet importation so the US end of things has involved numerous hoops to jump through. There have been a total of at least six vet visits with our vet, Dr. Barry,  in Sandestin, FL for a variety of tests over the past months.  There has been communication between our vet, the US official vet in Gainesville, FL and the Australian Department of Agriculture.  We had our last visit with Dr. Barry last Monday, May 15 and then overnighted our import permit to the official government vet in Gainesville and then they had to transfer it to another form and overnighted it back to our vet because it had been put on the wrong form and then that was fed exed to us here at our air bnb in LA on Friday.  Our early arrival to Los Angeles was for the babies. They only give you five days between when you have your last vet visit and when your pets board their flights to Australia….no stress there!

We got word late yesterday that their Qantas flight had arrived safely in Australia and that they had been safely transferred to the quarantine facility and were under evaluation.  No news is good news after the initial email they send you so we are hoping to not receive any calls before our flight leaves late tonight!  Our biggest concern has been for our 15 year old tibetan terrier Dalai.  She is in great health but is considered elderly so this is always a bit concerning for such a traumatic change in her routine. This is the facility where they will be in quarantine for the next 10 days in Melbourne, AU.

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We are missing them terribly but so relieved we got through the process of actually getting them to Australia without some major misstep!  All credit goes to my beloved Lawson for navigating a very complicated process.  Most people hire companies to do this for them but Lawson saved us a huge amount of money by doing it for us.  In addition, the chaos we observed by at least one of the companies who had been hired made us realize no one cares for our babies like we do!  We can’t wait to be reunited as a family ten days from now!

We leave tonight around midnight!  Eeeh!!!!  It’s gonna be a crazy, busy day today!  Happy Monday!


7 Comments on “Furry babies and quarantine

  1. Congrats on getting your fur babies to Australia and into quarantine smoothly! ✈️❤️

  2. So glad it all went smoothly but one question !! Can they be together in quarantine ?!

  3. Looking at the quarantine place, not sure The 4 of them will want to leave that hotel.

  4. That’s great news that their journey has gone well. You’ll be reunited before you know it! Wishing the rest of you a safe journey x

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