On saying see you later

Rough week in many ways!  Beginnings are also endings of a sort…endings of exactly how things are at a given moment in time and that is just hard, hard, hard!  We are emotional wrecks…grumpy, snippy, nippy, teary wrecks!  While our time in Florida has been a quieter, more introspective time in many ways, the friends we made may not be large in number but they are rich in their depth!  They are soul friends who we believe will all come visit us in Australia…each and every one of them!  My particular way of dealing with this change has been to not look at it as a long term move (although it might be) but rather as an adventure where we can make a change at any point in time if we wish.  Plus, we are keeping our Florida home!  Change is stressful!  Saying see you later (never goodbye) is hard on the heart!

We each had some wonderful time over the past couple of weeks hanging with friends.  Our social butterfly Eve led the way.  Eve’s youth group and the Adams family have meant so very much to our sweet Evie girl these past two years!  One last sleepover and time together last week filled Eve’s tank until they come visit us in AU!
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Dinner with BFF Brad, birthday celebrating with dear Sarah and her expert help with packing, last goodbye’s with Alexis and Eve’s sweet friends and a wonderful last evening writing wishes on wish paper and sending them into the sky, all helped soothe our hearts.  Of course, the drive to the airport and last hugs with Miss Sylvia was wonderful and hard all at once.  The past nine months of having Miss Sylvia living right here with us in the carriage house have been such a blessing to our family!  We will always treasure the time we had together!  Now, start planning those visits!!!!!!!
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2 Comments on “On saying see you later

  1. Oh I’m teary Susan my beautiful friend. Yes an adventure for you all but visits to our beautiful country by friends and you back there at a later time. How blessed I feel to know that I will be able to make memories with you all and share fun times as you embrace your adventure. Can’t wait to give you all big hugs. I will pm you my cell # so that you can call when u r ready for a visit. Much love. Rhonda

    • We are so looking forward to making more memories with you in your beautiful country! How incredibly fortunate are we to have this opportunity!! See you soon!!!!!

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