Reunited and it feels so good!

Today, our fur babies were released from quarantine in Melbourne!  They were picked up at quarantine, put on a plane bound for Brisbane and then picked up at the airport here and delivered to our door by Dogtainers!  Yippee!!!
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Joy and relief flooded over us as we saw the Dogtainers van pulling down the street!  The hardest part of our reunion was seeing our 15 year old tibetan terrier Dalai so very disoriented!  It has been an extremely hard two weeks for our slightly aged girl.  She cried and moaned and stumbled all over the house for about an hour tonight but has finally settled down and seems to be content once again!  Dani the dachallasa, Felix the tibetan terrier and Karo cat all seemed to have survived the past ten days with a bit more ease.  All four babies are confused by this new house and are not letting us out of their sight but are otherwise looking and feeling good!

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While we are still overwhelmed and somewhat disoriented by our new surroundings and, of course, missing our Florida home and friends in the US, having our unit all together again sure helps our hearts!  Boy do we love our fur babies and hope we don’t have to go through this quarantine business again any time soon!!
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6 Comments on “Reunited and it feels so good!

  1. So very , very happy to know that you are all together and the fur babies are ok . I have been thinking about them all for the past ten days …. I have a feeling that if you could have slept on the floor in the quarantine centre with them for the ten days you would have gladly done so ?!!!
    We’re the very excited when they saw you for the first time ? I’m sure it was very distressing to see Dalai crying and moaning like that .

    Hoping that very thing will run smoothly from here on and as you say , you don’t have to go through all of that again !

    • Thanks so very much Trish!! I absolutely would have slept with them in quarantine! They were all very excited except Dalai who was super disoriented and up much of the night but is sleeping well this morning after a few tastes of some bacon:) Thanks so much for your kind support through this whole process!

  2. I know you’re so happy to have your babies back with you. They look happy too.

  3. Oh guys so incredibly happy for y’all. Best feeling being together again. Lots of love and attention will soon cure any lingering stress they are feeling. I will come visit sooner rather than later possibly drive down for the day.

    • Oh we would love that Rhonda! They are all happy today! Dalai was up much of the night so disoriented but is sleeping well this morning! We can’t wait to see you!!

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