Big moves and anxiety!

In many ways, I am an unlikely candidate for a big move like the one we have undertaken!  In addition to the incredibly stable childhood I was granted, I also inherited my dad’s shyness and love of stability!  There are those who assume a quiet soul lacks courage which is just ridiculous!  I have found that it is often the ones who talk the least who make the boldest moves….but often while shaking in their boots!  Much of our marriage has been characterized by me jumping into the unknown with Lawson and then suffering tremendous anxiety as we are in free fall and even after our feet are safely on the ground.  The past few days have found me dealing with such anxiety!  Unfortunately, anxiety is a close personal friend.  I share this because we want this blog to be an accurate representation of, not only this process of living abroad, but also of creating change, of taking a big risk.  I want to share the fun and joys and accomplishments of this process but also the challenges.  It is not easy to make changes but it is worth it even on the days where I am sleep deprived because I still worry more than I should.  We both want people to listen to their souls.  We want people to know they are not alone in feeling anxiety, frustration…as they make changes in their life.  There is much talk about vulnerability today and that is wonderful but too often we still feel we must project an image of having it all together.  Full disclosure….we do not have it all together!  If anything, let us inspire you to make changes in your life because “if they can, surely I can” is completely true!

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3 Comments on “Big moves and anxiety!

  1. Susan as I step out of my comfort zone tomorrow to drive to where we farewelled Duncan 3 years ago and where we scattered his ashes to the ocean at beautiful Rainbow Beach, I am finally taking control of my feelings. I have experienced so much anxiety, fear of the future, questions about who I am without him. Your honesty is so refreshing. What you are experiencing is so completely understandable. One day at a time.

  2. Oh dear Rhonda, please know you are in our thoughts and prayers all day today as you make this journey! You are one of the strongest people we know and you inspire us continually! You are surrounded in spirit, in love as you head to Rainbow Beach today! Thank you for your encouraging words!

  3. Anxiety is a part of everyone’s life, it just matters more when we’re talking about moving to a new country, LOL! However, you have to recognize it while it’s happening, otherwise you’ll probably lose your way. I know you’ll rise above & soon all will be right with your new world. It’s not much different than the move to Hot-lanta, you just get to play with koala’s instead of coyotes! Much love!!!

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