Going to the country Aussie style!

Hi everyone it’s Eve!  I am currently on school holidays.  I started my new school a couple of weeks ago. I have to wear a uniform and it isn’t so bad.  I have made a great group of friends! There are 14 of us!  I have winter break holidays for three weeks.  We have done so much fun stuff and the fun isn’t over and it won’t be for a long time.  A couple days ago we drove out to the country. Our first road trip out of Brisbane, Queensland Australia!  We went to this cute goat farm called “Naughty Little Kids” in Boonah, Queensland.  At the goat farm there was cheese making, gelato eating, goat milking, and holding baby goats.  My family all milked a goat except for me.  I just wasn’t into milking a goat. The baby goats are adorable! They are so soft and you just fall in love and want to take one home. The gelato is made from the milk of the goats and it was awesome! I would go back for the baby goats and gelato.  Not too far down the road from the “Naughty Little Kids” goat farm was a winery. They grow grapes and lemons. If you don’t know this about me, I love to make lemonade.  I have been making lemonade since I was 9 years old.  At this winery we got to pick lemons, try some lemon butter and see a horse and a donkey. We picked about 300 lemons!  When we got home we all asked ourselves what are we going to do with all these lemons?  We decided we are going to make a lot of lemonade, lemon curd, limoncello, lemon bars, and many other things.  If there are some things you think we should make please let us know!  We had a very fun and eventful day!


Here I am holding a baby goat.


Dad and I with out lemons.

Mom and I with our big lemons and Mom milking a goat!  Hugs from our family!




12 Comments on “Going to the country Aussie style!

  1. Hello Eve and family !! So pleased to k ow you’ve settled in school and made so many friends !! No surprise there really though as I’m sure you’re as warm and friendly as you come across on IG !
    Sounds like you had the best day out ! Sounds like you could set up a stall at the next market and sell your lemon produce !! Hope about lemon soap ?! Or Citronella candles to keep the bugs away ! Lol !!
    Loved your post , looking forward to the next one !! Love to you all
    Trish and Clicker xx

    • Thank you. School is awesome. I came in at the time they finished their exams and finished up learning for the term so it was a little boring because I didn’t do anything. I have thought about that and I have said “This will sell at the farmers market. The other lemonade people probably won’t like it.” That would be so much fun I will defiantly check it out. I love candles!!! I will see what I can find.

    • Love the lemon ideas! Thanks for your kind support for Eve’s post! Love and hugs!

  2. Great post. So happy you are all getting out and about and enjoying not only the City but the Country. Next stop Sunny Coast.

    • Thank you so much! I have had a lot of fun hanging out with you in Australia!!!! Still can’t believe we are actually here.

    • Thanks Rhonda! We so loved our time with you! More to come!

    • We think around that many. We didn’t count them all but dad did a really good estimate.

    • We need you to visit immediately and help us eat some lemons!

  3. Great job Eve. Such an exciting life. Have fun and keep us updated.

    • Thanks Debra for your kind words! We think Eve did a great job on her post!

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