Rollercoaster ride

No matter how many times we go through the sale of a home, I am amazed by the unreasonable demands that sometimes come in the process.  It looks like the contract on my parents home in Alabama is going to fall through.  After all the emotion involved in signing the contract on my part, I am disappointed to have to possibly go through this again.  It has been a rollercoaster ride these past two weeks.  Our realtor has been a trooper dealing with the buyer demands.  .

Our focus these past couple of weeks has been getting the girls in a rhythm with school.  Here in Australia most university students live at home with their family which is wonderful but also new territory for us.  It is requiring flexibility and grace as we navigate this new adventure.  Sophie has a sweet group of uni friends, several who are international students, who we are fortunate enough to get to spend time with on weekends as well.  Eve also has a great group of girls who have embraced her.  These years for girls can be challenging.  Being accepted is so important for adolescent girls!  When they don’t have it, these years can be all the more difficult.  Eve wrote this heartfelt post to her new friends and new school!
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As Lawson and I have just now been able to come up for a breath as we get the girls launched into their routine, we have become quite aware of the toll this has taken on our health.  The work it requires to execute an adventure of this magnitude, not to mention forgoing our normal eating habits and routine, has left us incredibly drained so we are pulling in a bit and focusing on that.  We are fortunate to have an ayurvedic doctor here in Brisbane to assist us.  The next two weeks will be full on trying to regain balance.

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Tonight, we dropped our friend Rhonda off at the airport for her flight to the US.  We are ever so grateful for her generous offer of the use of her car while she is gone.  We are navigating the public transit well but our gratitude for having a car has increased tremendously since we have been without one most of these two months!  We had a wonderful visit with her and can’t wait to hear about her stateside adventures!
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As always, we appreciate your kind support in reading our blog and sending us comments and messages!  We hope the week ahead will be a grace filled one for each of you!



6 Comments on “Rollercoaster ride

  1. Great to see Sophie and Eve have connected with new friends. That can be difficult but in those pics they all look like they’ve been friends for a long long time. Time to focus on you and Lawson now. Rejuvenate!

    • Thanks so much Megan! Yeah, these years with girls can be hard. We are thankful they have found connections so quickly here! And yes, now for us to get us back on track!

  2. Hey there! You guys have navigated this river of change well…KUDOS! Yes, time to center and balance….!!

  3. These years can be hard for kids and parents too . You’ve all had a lot to adjust too but it seems from the photos that the girls are making friends and the rest will follow ! Yes , time for the elder lemons now !! Enjoy !!

    • Thanks Trish! Yes, the girls being settled in school and making friends makes our parent hearts so happy! Now, to get the two of us settled!

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