Happy New Year

One of our friends in describing us to someone who didn’t know us said “When they say they are going to do something, like move to Australia, they actually do it…they don’t just talk about it!”  We took this as quite the compliment and we definitely feel responsible to follow through on what we say we are going to do.  However, we are aware that there are areas in our life where we still struggle to manifest some of our dreams.  2018 is all about working on that!  Yes, this Australian adventure has been a 14 year dream that came true but we are just getting started!  There is so much more we each want to accomplish personally, as a family and professionally!  There are still fears to face, places to visit, experiences to have and dreams to go for!

2017 was such an overwhelming year!  So many amazing accomplishments as well as some incredibly painful experiences – most notably the flash fire for me.  When I reflect back on the fire I realize how life can change in an instant.  I was so incredibly fortunate!  I could have easily lost my eyesight or been permanently disfigured.  I try to keep this thought close lest I forget and take for granted this life I have been given.  I’m not sure exactly how we pulled off the move after losing me to bed rest and painkillers for such a long period but we did it.  We made it to Australia!  These past 7 months have been an adventure.  For years, we talked about just coming and traveling all around Australia but then decided it would be even more incredible to get the full on experience of living here.  While feeling settled seems like something far, far in the future, we are starting to feel some orientation to our new city.  We arrived with some clothes, our computers, our sweet pets and a little paperwork.  We have acquired a little since we’ve been here but have been fortunate to lease a home where most everything is provided for us!  We will share a bit more on our new place in future posts.  We have a great house for visitors and are ready!!  Who will be our first overseas guest?
We look forward to a 2018 full of color, adventure, friendship and lots of growth!  As always, we appreciate your joining us on this adventure!
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2 Comments on “Happy New Year

  1. Thank you for taking us with you! We’re having a blast, too, just reading about your adventures.

  2. Thanks so much Miller!! Thanks for joining us and we really hope you can come over to visit us! It is worth the journey to visit this beautiful country!

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