Rocking right on into 2018

Well, maybe I should have said discoing into the new year!  Now that the holiday’s are over, we are fully embracing summer break.  Yes, summer in January still is throwing us off too!  Because our Sophie is working as an intern four days a week, we have to focus on our weekends for day trips near Brisbane.  This past weekend we made our way up to Redcliffe to see Bee Gees Way!  As children of the 70’s and 80’s, we loved going back in time to some of the music of our youth!  Bee Gees Way is a multi-media celebration and walkway that honours the world famous pop group.  It was tons of fun to visit and read about not only their career but also their family life.  We loved reading about their love for one another, their wives and parents!  Incredible musicians as well as really good human beings….makes me like them all the more!  Here are a few silly pics from our day!
Lawsona snd Susanna Bee Gee statue  Bee Gee Susanna and Barry
Sophie and Eve and the Bee Gees ststue
Bee Gee wall  Bee Gees Children of the World album
Saturday Night Fever  Lawson and Susanna staying alive
There is so much more to Redcliffe than just Bee Gees Way and we will be heading back up soon!  On the drive back home, we drove down through Shorncliffe where Lawson and I stayed on our last night in Brisbane on our recon mission in 2016.  We stopped for gelato at Sandgate Waterfront and then took a walk along the bay.  On the drive between Redcliffe and Shorncliffe, we experienced a first.  It was a random middle of the afternoon breathalizer stop!  Ummm….interesting!  I confess I didn’t have the guts to snap a photo of Lawson being breatlized (is that a word?) but instead snapped a pic of the car across the street from us.
Gelato Shorncliffe  Shorncliffe kiss
Traffic stop
The following day we ventured up to Samford, another place Lawson and I had visited on our initial Brisbane trip.  This time our destination was The Store of Requirement or “the Harry Potter” store as it’s often referred to.  If you love Harry Potter, you will want to visit!  It was lots of fun!
girls at store of requirement  store of requirement car
store of requirement and car Sorting hat photo
Harry Potter store  Harry Potter sign 2
We found a lovely organic cafe called Canter and Colt to recharge after walking around Samford!
organic meal samford
With only 11 more days of summer left before our youngest daughter heads back to school, we are trying to pack in as much as possible!  In addition, we are gearing up for another year of leaving our comfort zone.  There are some days where I just want to go home and go back to how things were….there is comfort in the old….but there is growth in the new so… we go!
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