The beach+horses = fun

As summer break winds down for our girls, we decided one last adventure was in order.  Riding horses on the beach in Noosa has been on our list of adventures to try.  As we were researching places to stay along the Sunshine Coast we found a new urban community named Seaside.  What?  For those of you who don’t know, we have a home that is a 5 minute walk from Seaside, FL (one of the original new urban communities) in the US.  I visited Seaside, Florida in the very early days while I was still a student.  I went home and told my parents they should buy a home there.  Usually my parents were way smarter than me but on this occasion, I wish they would have listened to me!  Seaside has gone up in value in a massive way since those early days!  Anyway, Seaside was one of the first places I took Lawson when we first got married.  I remember vividly sitting on the beach and us dreaming of someday living there!  In 2013, we moved to the beautiful beaches of 30a and spent our days enjoying Seaside.   We found a modern home (actually it was the home of one of Seasides architects)  that was in need of much love so we purchased and renovated it.  It is now in holiday rental management while we are on this adventure!  On the Seaside Australia website, they talk about Seaside, Florida being a sister city and how they were influenced by them.  It was an interesting experience to stay there.  We loved the dog friendly beaches and there were lots of people out and about in the shared spaces.  The building standards were completely different and the original vision had been altered from when they began according to one of the residents we spoke with but there were still lots of new urban touches.  Having lived in a new urban community in Atlanta, Georgia as well, there are aspects of new urbanism that will always resonate with us.  We would do it again in a heartbeat if it was the right community!
Seaside AU sign
Beach Seaside AU
Seaside AU yoga
Seaside AU walkway  flower seaside au
On Friday, we drove north of Seaside to Noosa.  We took a ferry across to Noosa North Shores.  Along the way, these wonderful signs reminded us to not drive too fast!  Sophie actually saw a koala hanging out in a tree right beside the road as we drove along!
koala roo sign
Lawson did a lot of research on which of the horse rides along the beach was the right one for us. Noosa Horses was the obvious choice to us!  We can’t say enough good things about Patrick and Bob!  In addition to their knowledge and love for horses, they were fun guides!  While we have experienced horses on the beach in Florida, this was the first time we have been able to actually go into the water with them!  So awesome!
Susan:girls noosa horse sign
Photo credit for all the beach photos goes to Patrick, the owner of Noosa Horses!
susan horse in water new
susan horse in water
Lawson surf horses
Other than being a little sore from our 2 hours in the saddle, it was a fabulous experience!  Who is going to visit us so we can do this again soon?!






9 Comments on “The beach+horses = fun

  1. Oh wow. Wish I had known. I might have come with you. What a fabulous experience to add to all the others here in Oz. And a whole new year of your journey opening up.

    • Hi Rhonda, when we were looking at scheduling we saw where they only take two per guide or we would have invited you! It was def a fab experience! Love and hugs❤️

  2. Hi Rhonda, when we were researching it we found they only take two people per guide with Noosa Horses so we knew it would just have to be us. It was definitely wonderful and is something I would do again! Love and hugs from all of us!

  3. All those photos! The waves splashing around you all – Looks so good! It’s been on my list for quite a while now AND I’m a local! To be fair though I needed to get my health back on a better track before riding horses again… I was fortunate to have my own horse from about the age of 13 to 19. Never got to ride on the beach or in the waves… I did enjoy creeks & dams though – Riding bareback & swimming with my friends & our horses!
    So glad you loved the experience!
    Still plenty of hot weather to come though!
    Enjoy your 2028 family adventures!

    • Oh Fi, that sounds so wonderful! Eve and I have been on a horse about 3 times each so total beginners. With all of your experience you will really love it! I hope you have some wonderful photos of yourself riding bareback? Noosa Horses is def the place to go when you do it! I think you will really appreciate them and their love for horses!

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