Ahh, to be 21 again!

It’s been a big week for our family! Our oldest, Sophie, turned 21 yesterday! What is so impossible about this is that she was this baby just the other day!
sophie baby b:w  sophie baby white baptism
And, we were 21 not that long ago either.  Ok, just kidding!  Many years ago we created a contract with Sophie that culminated when she reached 21.  She has honored the terms of that contract and we are super proud of her.  Our hope is that moving forward she will use the things that were parameters during these years as tools moving forward in her decision making!  What an accomplishment!

We started the celebrating with smoothies (where we got our happy on) and pedicures!  Pedicures are not something we do very often so it was lots of fun!
Put your happy on cup
birthday pedicure 2  birthday pedicure
Eve being the amazing little sis she is, made Sophie a strawberry cake from scratch!  Our youngest has mad baking skills!  After an wonderful birthday lunch at home and dinner with her girlfriends, we all got to enjoy Eve’s delicious creation!  21 is off to a great start for our girl!
Eve making cake  Eve and her cake for Soph
21st birthday with streamers  Eve Doreen and
family cake 21st  Sophie 21st pat table
Sophie 21st blowing out candles Sophie and Felix
21st 4 girls
As our oldest makes yet another big step forward into adulthood, we are hopeful for our world.  She represents optimism.  She doesn’t see skin color or ethnicity….she doesn’t see difference.  She is strong, opinionated and driven.  She is honest and will tell it like it is.  She is kind and loyal but doesn’t put up with nonsense.  She has a strong work ethic and is a born leader.  She has a depth spiritually but a bit of a potty mouth – okay so I’m still Mum in this regard.  There is so much that makes me optimistic about our future, about her future.  Sophie’s birthday always falls around Martin Luther King Day so we are always thinking of his influence on the world we live in this time of year.  It is a great week to have a birthday!  We have always been moved by his I have a Dream speech!   Here’s to our 21 year old and all the other 21 year olds who are going to push us closer to that dream!
IMG_1653 2


4 Comments on “Ahh, to be 21 again!

  1. Lovely post…
    Fly high….
    Stay true to you…
    Live your life…

  2. Awe, thanks Fifila!! She is off to a fab start and will continue to shine brightly!!

    2️⃣1️⃣! Champagne is now allowed!

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